Saturday, March 10, 2012


This tut was written on March 10th, 2012 by me Nicky aka Lady White Wolf
With working knowledge of PSP.

SUPPLY: The Cutie Kit by Purple's Kreationz which u can find HERE.
Tube of choice ( I am uisng the wonderful work of Keith Garvey which you need a license to use and can get HERE)
Font of choice 

Ok now get started.

Open your PSP Program.  Then open your supplies.

From the scrap kit we will be using paper 16, Frame 1, Flower 2, and the Sparkle.

Open NEW image 600x400  72 pix Transparent

Ok now we open our frame and click it with your magic wand. Open your tube and if your using the same one click the close up and copy it and paste as new layer in frame.

Using your mover tool resize and move to were u want and then click selection invert and hit delete on your keyboard and go back to selection select none. Move tube layer below frame layer and merge visible. 

Now open your flower and copy and paste it in your frame tag. Resize to your liking and move down to the bottom left and merge down.

Now in your new image that u did u will paste your paper and merge down. Copy your frame that u been working in and paste as new layer in your new image.  Resize to your liking and move to the left.

Now open and copy your sparkle.  Paste below your frame. Right click it on your layer pallet and duplicate. 
Flip that layer that u duplicated.  go back to the first sparkle and move to the top and move the flipped one to the center. now back to the first one and duplicate it again and move to the bottom of the tag. 

Now add your copyright and text and if u wish to add u can add gardnet glow to your text.
Save as JPG and your done :)

Thanks for trying and looking I cant wait to see what u all do :) 

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