Monday, March 12, 2012

Bitch with Attitude

This tut was writin by me Nicky aka Lady White Wolf on march 12, 2012 with working knowledge of PSP.

SUPPLY:   Bitch with Attitude kit by Purple which u can find info on HERE
Tube of Choice, I using the wonderful art of Keith Garvey which u need a license to use and can get HERE
Mask which I am providing HERE
Font of Choice I am using Lucida Calligraphy
Gardent Glow White

Ok lets get started :)

Open new image 600x500 72 pix transparent.
Open your scrap kit and tube and mask and have them ready.

Ok open paper7 and copy it and paste as new layer in your new image. 
Next open your mask and go to layers new mask from image and click your mask then merge group.

Next take Frame 3 and click inside it with your magic wand. Now open your tube and click the close up layer with ur move tool and copy and paste as new layer above ur frame. 
Resize88% and move where u like then go to selection invert hit delet on your keyboard and then selections select none.  
Move below your frame and merge visible. Resize whole thing 75% copy and paste in your new image and resize again 68% and move where u like and go to adjust and Sharpness and sharpen.

Open the perfume bottle and copy and paste as new layer and resize 68% and move to the left of the frame and move below frame layer.

Open Star1 and resize 50% and copy and paste into new image and move to top right and below your frame layer.

Open wire2 and copy and paste as new layer BELOW your frame but above your mask.

Open USB copy and paste as new layer reize 82% and move to bottom right below your frame.

Open your wordart 1 and copy and paste as new layer reize 50% and move below your frame and move to the left top corner.

Now we add gardent glow to word art, and text when you add it :)

Now we add copyright and Text and save as PNG and your done :)

Thanks for taking time to look and try make sure u come back and let me know how u did :)

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