Thursday, May 20, 2010

May-Hem TUT

This tut was writen on May 19th
writen with a working knowlege of PSP

Supply:  Templete by Donna's Designs which u can get HERE
Tubes of choice I used the work of Ismael Rac which u can get HERE
Scrap Kit is May-Hem by Bits and Bobs and can be found HERE
Font of your choice

Now lests get started:

open up your templete and delet the copyright
Open up the scrap kit and get out Papers 1, 7 and 8 and element 83

Take your mover tool and on the templete select raster 5 and take your magic wand tool and click inside that raster.

Open Paper 1 and copy.  Back to templete and Paste as new layer.
Selcetions Invert and Delet and Select None.

Mover tool select raster 8 and take your magic wand again and click inside the raster.
Copy paper 8 and paste as new layer Invert delet and selcet none.

Mover tool again :)

Select Copy(2) of Raster 10 click it again with your magic wand. 
Open paper 7 Copy and Paste in tempelet as new layer and invert and delet and select none.
do the same for Copy of Raster 10 and Raster 10. 

Now select raster 6 and flood fill with a ligh pinkish or purple color.
Select Raster 7 and flood fill black.

Now Make a new image 500x500

Copy and paste raster 4 into new image and flood fill white.

Copy and paste raster 9 and resize 70% copy the frame that was around it and do the same Merdge down so that they are one.

Move to the right side of tag.

Do the same for Raster 3 and the frame around it and place it toward the right.

Now u will take Element 83 and resize 70% and move to the left.

Now copy the cirlcles from the templete and resize them also 70% and do the same for the frames around them.  Place them on the left of the circle. 

Take your magic wand and click inside the frame of a circle and paste one tube u picked up and Paste into selcetion. do the same for the other two but with diff tubes.

Take your move tool and click your big circle and paste your 4th tube as new layer and resize 80% and move it how u like. Take your eraser tool and remove any parts hanging over the bottom of the circle.

Add copyright and words and save as PNG.


I hope u all enjoy and let me know how it turns out for u :)


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