Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Xmas Lights

This was written with a working knowledge of Paintshop pro.
Written by me, Nicky aka NickysDesignz aka Lady White Wolf, on December 18th, 2013.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Paint shop Pro aka PSP ( I am using Jasc Paint shop pro 9)
Donnas Desginz Kit Christmas 2013 which u can find HERE
Tube of choice (I am using the wonderful work of Celine which can be purchased HERE)
Font of choice I am using Xmas Lights which is free and can be found HERE
Gardnets xmas colors

Ok lets get started :)
Open your font or install it depending on your version of windows
Open up your PSP
Open up your tube and minimize it
Open up your scrap kit.
Alright now make new image size 600x500 72.00 px transparent
go to Selection Select All 
Go back to your scrap kit and open DD Paper3 and copy it and go back to your new image 
Edit Paste Paste INTO 
Selection Select None.
Now we are going to open the element Xmas Wreath 1 and copy it and paste as new layer.
We are going to resize the wreath 40% and move to the left.
now open your tube back up and copy it and paste as new layer.
Resize the tube by 50% and move it to the right. 
Now back to the kit open the Christmas Tree 2 and paste as new layer and resize  68% and position where u like it. 
Go to Effects 3D effects Drop Shadow and put in
Vertical 1
Horizontal 1
Op 100
Blur 5.00
Color Black and click OK.
Now add your copyright info and License number.
Now I always make sure to save a blank in psp form.
Add Name and save as JPG 
Your done 
I cant wait to see how u do :) 
Thank You for trying this out and looking :)

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